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Next Accessories Visiting Event

Welcome To Next Accessories Ltd. Established in 2005, NEXT Accessories is on the pinnacle of Green production with an impressive one-stop-shop production facility serving apparel identification solution, print and packaging industry. A Green plant, constructed according to United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) criteria, the beautiful facility utilizes state of the art technologies to be at the forefront of Eco-friendly production. Our focus on R&D and the use of cutting edge technologies ensure competitiveness and enable us to meet, or often exceed, the requirements of an ever-evolving global market. Customer satisfaction is the matrix of our success.

Our management team is highly qualified, with regard to professionalism, dynamism and dedication towards achieving best quality in production by using latest technology and making delivery in time. We are continuously updating technologies to improve quality and productivity of manufactures of NEXT. Glimpse at these departments are thrown below: