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Next Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager is a Modern high-quality and well-organized Job Portal Platform
Designed to Connect People looking for recruitment process for organization.
Super Admins Manager Appicants

Zoom Integration

Virtual Interviews can be arrange thru Zoom or other third parties. The Zoom Integration provides a platform where you can create a zoom meeting. You can create, View, Start, and Delete meetings with ease.

Along with that, the zoom meeting created, will be synced with the calendar which will show the meeting details, as well as which are the people joining the meeting at what time. This calendar syncing feature helps to schedule meetings accordingly.

Branch/Location/Sister Concern Management

Branch/location/sister concern management refers to the process of managing the various branches, locations, and sister concerns. Branch refers to a physical location where the company has a presence and can provide services to job seekers and employers. A location, on the other hand refers to a specific area within a city or region where the company operates.

Sister concerns refer to companies that are related to the main job portal company, either through common ownership, shared branding or other forms of affiliation.

The management of branches, locations, and sister concerns is important for a job portal as it helps to ensure that the company is providing consistent services across all its locations, and is able to effectively manage its operations in multiple locations.

This management may involve tracking the performance of each branch and location, managing the staffing of each branch, and coordinating the activities of sister concerns to ensure that they are aligned with the overall strategy and goals of the company.


Informative dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of the job portal's key metrics, such as the number of job posts, applicants, and hired candidates.

Job post management

This feature allows the user to create, edit, and manage job posts, including the job title, description, requirements, and application deadline.

Candidate management

This feature provides a centralized place to manage the information of job applicants, including their resumes, cover letters, and application status.

Email conversation with candidates

This feature enables the user to communicate with candidates directly through the job portal, including sending emails and tracking responses.

Event management

This feature allows the user to manage events related to recruitment, such as job fairs and information sessions, including scheduling, attendees, and event details.

Manage hiring & team

This feature provides tools for managing the hiring process, including creating interview schedules, tracking progress, and communicating with the hiring team.

A Dynamic Apply form

This feature enables the creation of custom application forms for job posts, including questions, required fields, and application deadlines.

Customize Career page

This feature allows the user to create and customize a career page for the organization, including job listings, company information, and branding elements.

Manage Candidates

This feature provides tools for managing and organizing candidates, including categorizing, tagging, and filtering.

Publish & Share

This feature allows the user to publish job posts on multiple job boards and social media platforms, as well as share job posts within the organization.


The dashboard provides an overview of the job portal's key metrics such as the number of job posts, post wise applicants and hired candidates. It also shows the upcoming interview schedules.

Job Post

  • Dashboard with all job -posts
  • Manage active, draft & inactive jobs
  • View details with responsive kanban view


  • Invite candidate with email verification
  • Manage candidate for job post
  • Manage events, activities, question, notes & attachments of the candidate

Career Page

  • Customize & publish job posts
  • Create dynamic application form.
  • Generate shareable links for social platform