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Dashboard in ERP system is a visual representation of data and key performance metrics that helps businesses make informed decisions and track their progress towards goals. Dashboard typically contains various types of reports that provide insights into various aspects of business operations, such as sales, finances, project progress and customer engagement.

Payroll Management

Streamline your payroll tasks. Keep your employees happy with accurate and timely pay slips. Generate bulk payments quickly .

Task Management

Filter tasks by priority, due date, and type. Add a checklist to track your progress and take control of your projects!

Project Tracking

Use the project tracker application to track the time spent on each project/task. The app takes screenshots as proof of how much time you spent on a particular project/task.

Report Management

Get detailed, real-time reports to help you keep track of your business performance. Use graphs and other visuals to make data easy to understand and act on.

Leads Management

Get real-time updates on leads generated through your marketing campaigns. View leads in Kanban or List view. Assign pipelines and performance stages for better lead management

HR Management

Manage all aspects of your HR with a simple interface. Get instant access to key information about each employee - from attendance history to training and performance

Project Management

Get an overview of your project status, budget and due date. Assign and manage priority tasks with a Kanban board and get work done on budget.

Project Timesheet

Create a timesheet to stay on top of deadlines. Keep track of the time spent on each project and get an overview of how much time is left.

Accounting System

An Accounting System is a software solution designed to help businesses manage their financial operations.

Goal Tracking

Set your goals and keep track of your journey. Manually edit or update your progress as you go - Stay in control and achieve your goals quickly and easily!

Events and Notice Board

Be prepared for events. Create event reminders, add descriptions to them, and assign employees to each of them. You can also issue notices to users, clients or employees.

Indicator Appraisal

Get a clear overview of the performance of your departments. Identify areas of improvement in real-time, and streamline processes for better

Deal Management

Get a complete overview of all your deals in seconds. Assign tasks, products and users to each deal for better organization

Inventory Management

Effortlessly keep track of your inventory. Monitor your stock levels in real time, get notified when inventory levels are low, and taxes, units and product types. You'll be able to make changes when necessary.

POS System

POS System helps retailers and other businesses to manage their transactions and keep track of sales data. A modern POS system is a one-stop solution for managing various aspects of a business, including inventory, customers, sales and reporting.

Slack Integration

Get real-time notifications of company activities in your Slack channels. Schedule messages for the future and receive alerts on important updates.

Sales Management

Keep your sales process organized. Easily edit and manage invoices, payments, expenses and credit notes.

Item Management

Keep an eye on all your items. Add items and assign them categories, sales prices, purchases,taxes, units and product types. You'll be able to stay organized for years!

CRM System

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline and improve their customer interactions and sales processes.

Customer Statement Report

Eliminate the hassle of tracking customer statements manually. Get an at-a-glance report, of all orders, payments and transactions with a customer or vendor.

Zoom Integration

Eliminate the need to use multiple platforms for virtual meetings. Easily schedule Zoom meetings and sync meeting details and attendees with your calendar.

Telegram Integration

Never miss important notifications again! Get project notifications sent directly to your Telegram application in real-time.

Contract Module

Create legally binding contracts in seconds and keep all your contracts organized in one place. Also get real-time updates on the status of your each contracts

Budget Planner

Stay in control of your finances! Set your budget and get real-time updates on how well you're sticking to it. Edit and update the budget as often as needed.

Estimates Management

Generate new estimates for your projects quickly and easily. Manage estimates with ease by assigning clients, status and expiry dates to each estimate.

Chat Module

Connect directly with your users and clients with a convenient chat module. This enables you to increase customer satisfaction, improve. response time and land more sales.

Form Builder

Reduce time spent on form creation and streamline your business processes with easy-to-use, customizable forms. Easily create and manage various form fields as per your business needs.