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Project Management Plat form is a perfect, robust, lightweight, superfast web
application to fulfill all your project management.
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An Efficient Dashboard

Get an overview of total Leads, Projects, Invoices, and Staff along with a reminder list of Top Due Payments, Projects, and Tasks of an organization. Task overview graph shows weekly task achievements whereas a Project Pie Chart will give a visual status of various projects undertaken by a business.

Multi-User and Multi-Client

Appoint multiple users on various deals. You could assign roles to them and control their access to certain parameters by assigning permissions. Assign multiple clients on the same deal. Thus, the multi-user, multi-client feature facilitates ease in deal management.


Add Users and Clients by assigning Roles and Restricting Permission

Get an overview of total Leads, Projects, Invoices, and Staff along with a reminder list of Top Due Payments, Projects, and Tasks of an organization. Task overview graph shows weekly task achievements whereas a Project Pie Chart will give a visual status of various projects undertaken by a business.

Manage Leads based on Clients

Manage various generated leads through Multiple stages of the Kanban Board System. Assign the Client and User on the concerned lead and select from a list of lead generation sources. Make important notes and fix the price of an individual lead.


Project Management

Create New Projects
Create new projects based on generated leads by assigning users and budgets to them. Set a deadline for the selected project. Add labels and detailed product descriptions to avoid confusion.

Task Management
Manage multiple tasks of the same project through the Kanban Board system. Create new tasks under milestones by setting a priority and due date. Create a Checklist to measure the progress of a task. Attach important files and add comments.

Project Overview
Get numeric accuracy on the project’s budget and expense along with a statistical display of progress, tasks, and remaining days.

Change the status of the project with a simple drop-down menu and create milestones on a particular project. Add users and restrict client permissions. Upload essential files and keep a tab on project activity.


Create a timesheet by assigning the project and its task. Allocate the task hours and task date. You can keep a tab on task hours and improve your efficiency.


Desktop Application for Tracking Project Hours

You can track the time spent while working on any given project and its task by starting a timer. In addition, you can customize the settings for generating automatic screenshots of the tracker running within a particular time gap. You can set from a minimum of 1 minute for the time gap of screenshots. Also, you can check the screenshots and delete the unnecessary and inappropriate ones if needed.

Calendar and Notes

Never miss a task, project, or any important deadline ever. Get an overview of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. You can also keep notes for quick and easy reference.


Slack Integration

Receiving instant notifications of the company’s activities is one of the most painless ways to keep a tap on them. With the help of Slack Integration, you can get insight into the major actions through the specific channels as when they are performed. It also helps you to schedule the messages for future dates. Rectifying mistakes are also not burdensome.

Zoom Integration

Virtual meetings are no new to us. The Zoom Integration provides a platform where you can create a zoom meeting after giving inputs of asked details like; Client, User(s), Meeting Time, Duration, and it generates a link through which people can join the meeting. You can create, View, Start, and Delete meetings with ease.

Along with that, the zoom meeting created, will be synced with the calendar which will show the meeting details, as well as which are the people joining the meeting at what time. This calendar syncing feature helps to schedule meetings accordingly.



The "Sales" feature of a project management system that includes Invoice, Payment, Expense and Tax Rates is a powerful tool for maximizing revenue and streamlining financial operations.

You can quickly and easily generate professional invoices for clients and set up automatic reminders for payment. The Payment feature allows clients to pay invoices securely and efficiently, with the option to set up recurring payments.

To keep track of all the costs associated with each project you can use Expense feature, so that you can accurately bill clients and stay within budget. The Tax Rates feature ensures that all invoices and expenses are calculated accurately, taking into account the latest tax laws and regulations.

Telegram Integration

Hassle-free and instant message is one of the absolute ways to stay in tune and connected with projects and activities of the projects. With the Telegram Integration, you can get the notification of the actions performed regarding anything which interests you. Staying in tune with the performing jobs is smooth with this feature.



Chat with existing users through an easy chat portal. You can send and receive important messages without getting distracted.

Manage Estimates

Create new estimates and assign clients, tax percent, issue date accordingly. Edit the content of existing estimates and change their status. You can also delete unnecessary estimates after they are fully paid. You can check the statuses of estimates with the help of QR Scan as well.


Invoice Management

Create an invoice for projects by assigning due dates and tax rates. Edit existing invoices by adding additional items. Add payments through available payment modes. Manage tax rates according to company standards. The client can pay invoices by PayPal and Stripe based on your setting.

Expense Management

Manage new expenses by selecting from various categories on the given project. Assign the user to an expense and keep a clear tab on the amount and date on which the given expense occurred. A file could be attached to support the evidence. Update existing expenses in case of any changes.


Company Setting

Customize your system settings by adding your currencies and selecting their symbols and positions. Choose the date and time format and assign a prefix to the invoice. Add company details along with your mail id to your system settings.

Manage Mail templates

Manage the status of mail templates and view the action on each template.


System Setup / Constant

Under system setup settings, manage lead and project stages by assigning them unique colors. Create sources of lead generation and add payment methods to your system. Manage various expense categories and create product units according to business needs.

Add Users and Clients on Projects

This feature enables the user and clients to only see the permitted project, lead, and invoice as and when they log in with their separate IDs.